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Welcome to phpMoneyBooks - Open Source Financial Software, Great for Small Businesses

phpMoneyBooks is an open sourced php/mysql program. A free alternative to QuickBooks.

  • Manange bank accounts and check registries
  • Manage customers and create statement charges
  • Print statements to bill customers & envelopes with an add-on
  • View Profit & Loss Report
  • Design is modular so features can be added by any php/mysql developer
    • With new modules you can direct user to URL
    • Allow clients to login and check their own bills and pay online
    • Create memorized billing cycles with Auto Billing (good for recurring billing)
We are currently looking for a few developers that would like to help with this project, so if you are interested you can email me at:
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Why did I create this:
One day my computer crashed and I couldn't get QuickBooks to reinstall. I got tired of always paying for upgrades and licenses so I searched the internet for a

PHP/Mysql QuickBooks Alternative

and I couldn't find anything that compared to QuickBooks. I decided I would attempt to make a

PHP/Mysql web-based QuickBooks Clone

After cloning it to fit my needs I continued to add features that QuickBooks doesn't have and making it modular so that other developers can add to it easily.
phpMoneyBooks: v1.0.4
Download phpMoneyBooks - The QuickBooks Alternative

Client Area 0.0.4
Custom Logout Page 0.0.3
Auto Billing 0.0.4
Employee Mod 0.0.3
Envelope Printer 0.0.2
HelloWorld 0.0.1

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